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WIRES Inc. Membership Renewal

The General Licence (MWL000100285) is issued to NSW Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Service Inc. (WIRES) by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. WIRES Inc. are licenced to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife by NPWS. Membership of WIRES Inc. includes your authority to rescue and rehabilitate Australian native wildlife.  

Declaration by Member

You must read carefully all of declarations below to confirm your eligibility to renew.

If you find you do not meet all the criteria this does not necessarily preclude you from membership renewal however you will not be able to renew online without discussion. If you cannot agree with all the statements as written, please contact to discuss before renewing.

  1. I do not hold an authority and am not a member of an Organisation or Incorporation that does similar work to WIRES Inc. (not including WIRES Authority).
  2. I have never had a membership terminated, suspended or been refused renewal by WIRES or any other Organisation that does similar work to WIRES.
  3. I have not in the past 12 months been convicted of an offence under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 or other similar legislation.
  4. I have not ever been convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment for 12 months or more in NSW or elsewhere.
  5. I do not currently hold any authorisation or licence from National Parks and Wildlife Service (not including WIRES Authority)
  6. Under the Privacy Laws, we are required to seek permission before passing any personal information about you to members of WIRES, other than your Branch Committee and/or Phone and Animal Coordinators. This permission was given by you on joining WIRES for your basic details (your name, address, email address and phone number) to be issued to ordinary members of your branch.

Should you answer any of the above questions untruthfully or fail to disclose essential notification as required, then at the discretion of the Board your authority and membership will be revoked.

WIRES Inc. Members’ Information

By paying your WIRES membership renewal you agree to:

  1. Abide by the policies of the NSW Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Service Inc. and undertake not to contravene wildlife or animal cruelty laws, such as the National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1974. All native animals remain the property of the Crown, whether alive or dead.
  2. Register all animals rescued or in care with the appropriate Animal Officer or Coordinator in your Branch, within 24 hours of an animal coming into your possession, regardless of its origin. Unfurred, unfeathered and very young animals must be registered immediately.
  3. Ensure all call sheet records are completed in the system immediately and where appropriate forwarded to the nominated statistician in each Branch within 7 days of the call.
  4. Comply with directions given by the Animal Coordinators with regard to the fate and the movements of animals in care. Non-compliance with Branch/Animal Coordinator instructions may result in withdrawal of authorisation or expulsion as a Member. In all these matters the member agrees to abide by the determinations of WIRES Inc.
  5. Maintain all paperwork/administrative requirements, including call sheets, Animal Report Forms and Personal Record Summaries to the required standard.
  6. Acknowledge that any adult animal held in care for over 3 months must undergo evaluation by the Branch Species Coordinator (or nominated Branch Officer) and a third party, preferably the treating Vet or experienced species specific member be nominated to determine whether foster care of the animal will continue. A written report will be required.
  7. Take full responsibility for any WIRES equipment held and acknowledge that the said equipment shall always remain the property of WIRES.
  8. Pay your WIRES membership renewal fee
  9. Provide voluntary rescue, care and other duties that may be required by their branch or region.

If for any reason a member resigns or has his/her authorisation cancelled, he/she agrees to return all items belonging to WIRES, including Authorisation and ID cards to the Branch Secretary.

Your Privacy and WIRES Inc.

WIRES Inc. collects the following information from you:

  • Personal details including your: Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Email address, Date of birth and Occupation
  • Details of any previous membership of like organisations and any suspensions or terminations of membership Convictions of an offence under National Parks and Wildlife Act, Cruelty to Animals Act, or any other relevant legislation.
  • Health information: e.g. blood titres for lyssavirus vaccinations where appropriate
  • Availability for rescues and available equipment
  • Experience and skills including wildlife courses attended and course dates.

WIRES Inc. believes it is necessary for the proper functioning and good governance of the Association to collect this information. WIRES Inc. will only use this information to further the organisation’s objectives.  Where required member details will also be shared with NPWS.

Certain information must be collected to ensure that a member can act as a rescuer or carer within the network of members, and other information is required to facilitate communication. Health information such as lyssavirus titre must be collected to determine a member’s eligibility to rescue and care for bats, including flying foxes.

WIRES Inc. will not disclose this information to any non-member, unless required to do so by an officer of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, or other law enforcement officer, or by a Court of Law.

WIRES Insurance and You

WIRES Inc. maintains a personal accident and injury insurance policy on behalf of its members as well as a public liability policy. The insurance policy provides limited cover in the event of death or disablement of a member in the pursuit of WIRES Inc. business.

Members should be aware of the following points:

  • Non-authorised members of the public are not covered by WIRES insurance and MUST NOT be involved in rescue or foster care of native animals.
  • No cover is provided for sickness / illness.
  • Authorised members are covered for necessary travel to and from authorised WIRES activities however members’ vehicles and personal possessions are NOT covered by the Policy.
  • In the event of injury, all medical costs must be recovered from other sources where possible e.g. Medicare and/or private insurance. Insurance does not cover any “gaps” between treatment costs and payments from other sources.
  • Authorised reptile rescuers are covered, however milking of snakes is not covered.
  • Claims resulting from pre-existing injuries are excluded
  • If a member does not renew his/her membership by 31 March each year, they are no longer a member of WIRES Inc. They are therefore no longer covered under WIRES Inc. insurance policies and no longer authorised to rescue and rehabilitate Australian native animals.

A copy of the current WIRES Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance Table of Conditions can be provided on request.

Member Declaration

I have read and understood the above WIRES Inc. Members’ Information concerning WIRES privacy provisions and insurance. I agree to comply with WIRES Code of Conduct and the Conditions of Membership and I have read the RICC manual and understand OH&S matters and obligations when taking part in the rescue and care of native wildlife.

By proceeding and submitting an online payment I declare the details above are true and correct and state that there are no legal, health or other reasons that would affect my performance or put at risk any other persons in my role as a volunteer member of WIRES Inc. I agree to abide by the conditions of membership as outlined in the aforementioned documents and the Constitution and policies of WIRES Inc.

You must read and agree to all the terms and conditions above as a condition of membership.

Payment Details

1 Year ($40) 3 Years ($100)